Benefits of Using Customized Perforated Paper for Your Business


People in the business world are constantly seeking for new ways to achieve efficiency. Having something, a tool or an application that can help them save both time and money is immediately used in the day to day operations of their business. One of the items who serve that kind of purpose is perforated paper.  This type of paper used in business has lines made up of lines very small holes which are punched a sheet of paper or a card stock. The perforations make it really easy to divide the paper into several parts by only folding it tearing along the line which was punched by micro holes. Because of its functionality it is now widely used by any business in any type of industry in the country.

The best thing about using perforated paper for your business is that they have a really wide range of uses.  A business owner also has the option to get a customized perforated paper made for them.  They can ask the printer to put all the information that they want to the form and also decide on where the perforations should be on the sheet.


Here are some of the common uses of Perforated Forms

  1. Return Receipts
  2. Post Cards          
  3. Coupons and Gift Certificates
  4. Business Cards
  5. Office Forms
  6. Raffle Tickets
  7. Event Tickets
  8. Book Markers
  9. Shelf Talkers

Of course these are just some of the uses of perforated forms for your business. With its unique function and the option for it to be customized according to your specifications, you can actually use it for virtually any type of form that you can think of as long as its compatible with the standard dimensions of the  perforated papers.


If you start using customized perforated paper forms for your business you will one of the first things that you will notice is that you get to save money on the forms that you use for your business.  You can actually print two different forms (Ex. Company’s copy and customer’s copy) in just one sheet of paper. This will save you significant amounts on your usual annual budget on the forms that you purchase for your business.

The next benefit is that you will also save a lot of time in the transactions that you process. Instead of filling out and printing out two different forms for the customer’s copy and your copy, with perforated forms, all you need is one. Imagine the positive effects that it can cause to your worker’s creativity.

If you are in the coupons or tickets business, you can actually use perforated paper forms to your advantage. You can actually ask a supplier to divide a whole sheet into a specific number of parts with perforations and then print your current promotion on each division. You will have a sheet full of tickets or coupons that you can individually tear off one of your customer’s purchases one. You save not only time and money on this, but also energy which you can still dedicate in much more important areas of your business.

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