Using a Form-N-Envelope will not just make your job a lot easier but it can also open new sales opportunities for your business. This unique type of form is designed with an applications that allows it to be turned into an envelope or a pocket in a few easy steps. It is perfect to use if your business requires you to mail your customers with business correspondence that needs to have a return form such as direct mail sales, past due notices, collection letters, statements and the like.


If you are still currently using the traditional way of sending out business correspondence to your customers, then you really should look into using Form-N-Envelope mailers right now. It will not just make you more efficient but it can also affect your profits positively.


I actually have just started using Laser Form-N-Envelope mailers recently and I am surprised with the benefits that I get from it. My direct mail sales business is doing better than ever and a lot of my customers say that it's because of the hassle-free forms that I send out to them. I was also lucky because I ordered my first batch of Form-N-Envelope mailers from Since day one, this company has provided me with the high-quality forms that I needed and the best part is that as I keep on doing business with them, their service seems to get better and better. 


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-         The forms that they provide can be used in any laser printers giving you the assurance that you get high quality prints               all of the time.

-         Their forms are made from the best materials available so that they don't get damaged that easily.

-         They offer you a wide range of sizes.

-         Their forms are sold at really competitive rates.

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