Custom Carbonless (NCR) Forms are being used to create a copy of the document without any use of a copy machine or printer. Very helpful for all industries and multinational companies to reduce time wastage and energy costs. 

Custom carbonless (NCR) forms are the best way to save money, you save time and extra charges of printing your business forms
like Invoices, Proposals, Packing List, Order Forms and much more. Organizations need multi-part Carbonless Forms to retain the copy for multiple users. Custom Printed Carbon-less Forms are given preference over standard Carbonless Forms, because they are customized according to the unique specifications of each business.

AppleForms also carry all Laser/ Ink Jet Blank NCR Paper so you can do your own forms, you just put in the paper as regular copy paper, if you need a 2 part Form, you select print, put # of copies 2, you will get a 2 part ready form (white - yellow) also available in 3 Part - 4 Part - 5 Part.  try out today and save