New Equipment added to our plant in Brooklyn, NY adds new equipment to expand our Pressure Seal forms line.


with adding 1 more 14” Goss 8 color press we should be able to provide Better Quality, Quicker Turnaround and Better Pricing have been serving clients from all over the US and Canada providing a full line of pressure seal forms for close to twenty years, specializing in stock items as well as custom, up to 10 colors, this can also include a Integrated Card or Label, we can also include some bar codes and numbering

this new press will also be able to produce 14" jumbo rolls on a 3" core, available in 15#, 20# & 24# stock.

Warehousing & Fulfillment 6 Months Free 

Appleforms will keep your storage free for up to 6 months, they will release your shipments as per your request, with over 200,000 SF warehousing it will make clients able to buy the forms at a cheaper price by placing bulk orders and ship as needed, this is also a perfect fit for clients with more than 1 location, orders called in for release before 1:00 pm will be shipped the same day, other customize shipping options are available.