Speed Up your Billing / Shipping – Use Integrated Labels

Integrated labels will save you a lot of time in the dispatch process by enabling you to print everything required to get the package safely on its way, at the same time you print on one sheet, through one printer. This is much more efficient than printing dispatch information on multiple sheets and labels then trying to match them all to the right customer order. Furthermore, because all your customer information (invoice, picking list, shipping address, postage label and even a returns address) is now printed on a single sheet, picking errors are significantly reduced, further increasing dispatch efficiency.

An integrated label sheet is a combination of printable paper and easy-peel self-adhesive labels. They come in different configurations and sizes to match your requirements, for example, suitable for eBay, Amazon, PayPal, etc. if you want a particular size or configuration beyond those available, you can have a custom integrated labels made.  

Benefits at a glance, integrated labels speed up dispatch because…

  • You can print all customer order and dispatch information on one label sheet at the same time
  • Reduced picking and dispatch errors equals fewer customer complaints
  • Reduce overall returns and improve returns process