What Are Integrated Forms / Labels? 

An integrated form / label is a combination of a paper and adhesive labels. They allow ecommerce and product-based businesses to integrate the packing process with the shipping one. Instead of switching between paper and labels at the printer, you can print them at the same time. Simply peel off the shipping label, drop the remaining document in the package for your customers, seal the box, and apply the label.


Who uses These Forms / Labels?

Integrated labels are incredibly helpful to people working in almost any business but particularly to those working in businesses that require a lot of shipping. There are a lot of advantages you can expect from implementing integrated form labels in your business. They can be invoices, delivery notes and return labels all in one, and help you save time. These labels ensure the proper products are being shipped, packed and stored correctly.


Why Should I Do a Customized Intergraded Form / Label?

Customized Integrated forms lets you have an exclusive form with extra applications by adding additional options. Using your own specific specifications including logos and company info Apple Forms can print you integrated labels in a wide array of sizes and styles ready to be used in the shipping of anything and everything.

·          Custom Integrated Labels

·          Thermal Integrated Labels

·          Bar Codes

·          QR Codes

·          Multi Part NCR Form on Top of the Integrated Label

·          Combine a Membership Card

·          Dot Matrix Printer

·          Snap Set

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