Basic information of Integrated Labels

Integrated Labels should be a good item for your business, especially if you have inventory you ship over long distances. These labels are created so that a shipping label, packing invoice, and other information can all be printed on one single sheet paper.

The ease, convenience, and accuracy of integrated labels can save the business owner valuable resources, time, and money–thus making the switch from standard shipping labels completely worth your while.

Even if you don’t ship that many items out, integrated labels can help you decrease your reliance on resources and even decrease your carbon footprint.

If you are interested in conserving your resources and in-making your business more reliable, then integrated labels might be the best option for your company.

Let’s cover the basics of integrated labels so that you can decide whether or not they should work well for your business.

What Does Integrated Labels Do?

Integrated labels, as explained above, are both a shipping label & invoice printed onto a single sheet of paper. You can also print a return shipping label on the page if you like clients should be able to make a easy return of item. Then, when you package your inventory, you can print out a single sheet of paper that has all the information you need to complete your shipment.

These labels can be printed with any model Laser, Ink-Jet, Copy Machine printer, and once you have the template added in your shipping program, no other adjustment is needed.

These labels are being used by many different business or organizations such as hospitals, clinics to track laboratory samples, businesses both large and small for shipping, and by pharmacies. They are also perfect for allowing your customers to include a gift message with a shipment. we can also include a custom or stock membership card.

How Integrated Labels Save Time and Money

Integrated labels, because they basically consolidate your paper usage from 3 sheets to 1 sheet during the shipping process, save two-thirds of the paper you would normally use. And you don’t have to worry about having separate, special shipping labels that have to be fed individually through your printer’s paper feed. In fact, very little in the way of equipment is needed to set up an integrated label system, and the labels themselves are comparable in price to traditional shipping labels.

These labels save you time as well as money, because you only have to worry about printing out one item. No need to switch out paper, no need to toggle between programs–everything is quickly and accurately printed onto your integrated labels. If you need to maximize your efficiency in your packing and shipping department, then integrated labels can help you do so with relatively little effort on your part.

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