Inventory Tags is important for every company running a warehouse or distributing center, the tags makes you able to keep exact track of the stuff you have in inventory, what you need to order, reserve to ship out, damage stuff etc., its a lot of different stock items available from different distributes to manage this part of your business, we at have been putting special attention on this item and came up with some unique ideas of Inventory Tags which will help you out on very easy way.
some of the extra advantages of our tags
* 2 to 8 part
Big Red # on each Tag

* Clean Adhesive Strips on the back of the forms
* the last part on a Tag stock
* extra perforations and marginals
much much more
you can also full customize the entire form, not like most other suppliers the body of the form need the stay the same and you can only change the imprint, we allow you to change the form they way you need it, add some color to each department on the tag to make the items easy to read, you can talk to customer service for more ideas.