Laser labels are made out of Pressure sensitive materials and contain an adhesive glue coated onto the facestock, which is usually a paper, plastic film or foil.

The facestock is what will be printed on by using toner. This facestock is laminated to a backing.

This backing is referred to as liner and is always silicon-coated paper so that the adhesive on the face stock does not bond, allowing for easy separation.

The material is in master rolls, which is then slit to a certain width and then cut to sheets. then a die is used to cut areas of these sheets into desired label shapes.

the die only cuts throught the facestock, allowing these “labels” to be peeled away from the backing. These materials are sometimes made only for printing with toner  When a Label is die cut onto these sheets and is peeled off, it can be applied to and will adhere to most surfaces when pressure is applied to the label.  

The facestock of the laser labels will relay a message, either with a graphic and text combination printed on it, or just graphic or text, all in multi color printed or just one color.