Are you looking to do your own laser tags ?

we at carry a full line of 100# Tag stock in different colors, they are pre laser perforated guaranteed to work for any laser, ink jet, press or copy machine. for ex. item #1681 is a 100# Light Cover Tag stock with a full vertical perforation and 2 horizontal perforations, after you take it a part you will have 6 cards of 4-1/4" x 3.666"

this is perfect size for a lot of different users like Schools will print small trip cards etc, manufacturing companies will print some info and bar codes to go on the belt from one department to an other they will do it on different colors for day shift, night shift etc, warehouse and distributing companies will apply them to pallets or boxes (they will a lot of times order some custom ones to make it bigger and also put some self stick glue on the back to easy apply to the object) Car Service and Messenger Service will printout the name of customer, pick up and arrival destination, pricing and more.

try it the 6 on a page card, you can order them in packs of 200 sheets or box of 1000 sheets for a discount price, we will also be very happy to give you a quote for any Custom Perforated Cards, Blank or Printed with or without Jumbo numbering.