Even in a digital age where we purchase and order items online, customers still need a receipt and they enjoy having it in a physical form. When ordering online, a digital receipt is always sent and there is also the option to print. Why print? Because it gives you a physical record of the order and you can easily file it away for future use.

But when you go to a store and purchase an item, there is never a time you will not receive a receipt. Heaven forbid anything should happen and you need to return or you need proof of what was done, you can simply turn to the receipt. Receipts are not only for the customer's peace of mind, they're for yours as well! Both parties need evidence of the transactions that have transpired. Apple Forms offers several different receipt forms to choose from that provide enough space for all pertinent information. Need custom forms? No problem! Apple Forms will work with you to create the receipt the way you need and want it.

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