Perforated paper, is a thin card stock with pre-perforated lines in a wide variety of configurations, has a variety of uses. There’s no need to spend money for custom paper to get the job done when you can order laser perforated paper in whatever size and measurement you need and print it out yourself on your home or business laser printer.

Whether you are looking to create office forms, health questionnaires, detachable 
contest or sweepstakes detachable entry forms, or any one of the many other possibilities for perforated paper, you can find the size and options you need on, order conveniently, and get quantity discounts. Using your perforated paper is easy as any other kind of paper, just make the necessary templates using any word processing or document design software you have available and print using your laser printer.

Laser perforated paper comes in a variety of sizes, colors, and perforation options. Even standard 8.5” by 11” perforated paper comes in a number of different options and layouts, ranging from standard half and half (5 ½” from top), divided in thirds (3 2/3” from top), or other configurations that are suited to business cards or detachable forms. Check out all of the available perforated paper layouts and perforation options on our website, and choose whichever will best suit your needs.

In addition to the various layouts available, make sure you pay attention to the varying weights, colors, and other options available — we have a great selection available so you can avoid having to have custom paper ordered or have your printing done by an outside source.

Remember that for all of your paper needs, including the many options available for perforated paper, punched paper, and more, has you covered with great prices, quantity discounts, and a vast selection. You can order online quickly and conveniently and have your paper shipped right to your home or office with no hassle of having to truck supplies back from the office supply store. we offer FREE SHIPPING on all orders.