Are you still wasting your time by matching up personalized documents with envelopes, then folding, stuffing, sealing them by hand?  Apple Forms eliminates all of those hassles for you.

Apple Forms offers all pressure seal products to fit your office needs. Our line-up offers the most security plus super great pricing. You will see an immediate difference in cost savings, greater productivity and more versatile document capabilities.


Find out why it pays to use our Pressure Seal Forms to cut costs and streamline everyday business tasks.


• Multiple sheet formats
• Eliminate envelopes and gets your mailing out the door quickly and with less cost. Pressure seal mailers are one piece sheets that when folded become the envelope. They eliminate the need for envelopes and the time it takes to stuff and seal them, thereby reducing the costs of both printing and mailing.

• With the capability of producing Z-, EZ-, C- and V-fold sheets, we can create pressure seal mailers for virtually any application, including direct marketing mailers, newsletters, payroll and accounts payable checks, invoices, statements and more.


Literally thousands of users, from casinos to state governments, have chosen US for their print-to-mail solution. A few examples are listed here.


Health Care--Invoices--Statements--Appointment Reminders--Accounts Payable Checks--Payroll Checks--Lab Reports--Insurance Notices--Banking PIN Notices--Checks--CD Renewals--Late Notices--NSF Notices--Dividend Statements--Interest Statements--Education--Grade Reports--Transcripts--Class Schedules--Invoices/Statements--Checks--Fund Raising--Applications--Newsletters--Surveys--Government--Tax Notices--Licenses--Refunds/Rebates--Summons--Renewal Notice/Applications--Payable/Payroll Checks--Direct Mail--Surveys--Sweepstakes Notices--Applications--Refunds/Rebates--Letters--Manufacturing--Invoices Statements--Packing Slips--Acknowledgments--Purchase Orders--Payable/Payroll Checks--Magazines/Newspapers--Renewal Notices--Subscriptions--Surveys Payable/Payroll Checks--Refunds/Rebates


Apple Forms is the # one source for all your pressure seal products.