Quick Books Double Window Envelops 

Are you looking for a good price on QuickBooks Compatible double window envelops ?

how about check out the company www.appleforms.com I been hunting around for a good quality double window envelope that you don't need to spend too much time when sealing the envelope,

I been finding some great pricing for different vendors I bought 1 box of the self seal (the one you fold down and stick them-self) but the glue was not stung enough, I did not like it, than I bought 1 box from appleforms, the wave a #9 double window security envelope Peal & Seal, its a real strong glue, once you close the envelope you should not be able to openit,

I also bought from them 1 case of beautiful blank laser checks for quick-books (since we have couple companies and don't need too much for each co. we print our account info our self) so we got a check from them, they call it "Prismatic
Blue and Red" the Item is #04532, I thing you check this out, this check have a lot of security features but they don't charge extra money for it, so you can basically buy the checks with a matching double window envelope and get Free Shipping too,

I do recommend this website for all my friends.