Looking to minimize some costes in your business?  

Integrated Labels Help Save Your Time and Money

When you use integrated labels, you run one sheet through a printer and can merge two to three different business processes. You will be surprised with the time that your business will save by not having to change the settings when you go from printing an address label and then a return address label. Combining these business processes also saves you money since you only have to order one label and not several.

When you are running a business and shipping items to the customer there are a few things that are expected of you.  One: people do not want to pay high shipping cost. Two: many people do not want to wait a long time to get a package. Most people will purchase from the company that can get the package to them the quickest. Three: orders need to be correct. This could make the happiest of customers upset if this does not occur. Integrated labels help you accomplish all three of these at once. By reducing the chance for error in your business processes you will have tighter control and quality assurance. If this sounds like something you want in your business, now might be the time to start using integrated labels.

Integrated labels are also a great way to

help you minimize the number of steps taken in a task. By using an integrated label you are able to combine several steps of the shipping process into one. You will have the ability to have one label that has an outgoing mail label merged with a return address label. So instead of printing two or three separate sheets you can run one sheet that will print out multiple items at a time.