Scratchcard Lottery, Make Easy With Label
Making your own lottery game is a great idea for special events, Fund-raising, Yard Party, Weddings, Game for Children etc. if you do like to print them custom this will come out to be very expensive, you will need to print a minimum of 5000 cards, will cost you over $1000, a cheap way to do it will be to print nice color cards your self on any color printer, you can either buy full 8-1/2 x 11 sheets, print and cut your self, or you buy pre-perforated card stock, do your own graphic, print and cut, buy small 1" silver scratch off labels, easy to take off from the roll and apply over the winning #'s on the card, after doing 1000 cards, including paper, ink and Scratch Off Labels you will end up paying less from $40, you can't find a cheaper, Creative Personalize fun game for less.

Scratchcard Promotions 
I nice way for business to give out prize-winning personalize cards, you do it your self to your custom need for ex. a restaurant can advertise if you buy for $20 you can take a Scratchcard, after scratching off the label, he can win a free coffee, win a coupon of $5 for your next purchase etc.
customers are looking to see creative ideas this was proven to work, try it today, do it your own way You will like them