Security paper is a specific type of paper that uses security features to identify documents as original.  Security paper may also come with specail features that can prevent fraud by using tamper resistant options. These types of papers are used by the financial industries and are also used to identify documents such as checks, passports, licesnse, birth certificates, monetary currency and academic certificates.

Security paper has now become more advanced using a lot of different features such as hidden watermarks and pantographsto hinder duplication and tampering.  These features cannot be duplicated on copying equipment and informs bank tellers or notaries that the document presented to them is the original document.  Security paper is also acid free which allows it to be preserved for a longer amount of time than regular paper.

To validate an original watermarked document, simply rub the translucent watermarked area with a coin.  When this watermark is rubbed it will darken validating the authenticity of the document. 

Often times  solvents, bleach, water or other chemicals are used to alter what is printed on a document, but with use of Security Paper spots will appear indicating that the document has been tampered with.  Another way of altering a document is to erase what has been printed.  When someone attempts to erase something that has been printed or written on the security paper it will destroy the paper fibers.

One of the options of security papers is a use of UV Fibers.  UV Fibers have been manufactured into the paper stock which can often times be seen with the naked eye and will brighten or glow when viewed under an ultraviolet lamp, Another option of security papers is UV dull paper,  When a paper stock is UV dull it means that it will not reflect ultraviolet light.  This means that the paper is suitable for ultraviolet inks, which can be used to show a hidden symbol, control number or other variable data, which can then be seen under ultraviolet lamps.

Choose which features are best suited for your needs and make security paper available for your customers to help them keep their information secure.