Many retail businesses, and banks, make great use of POS rolls. Receipt paper is going to be used rather quickly, no matter what the business you have. Customers need a copy of their receipt and without it, you'll have an unruly mob on your hands. The holiday season is especially a hectic time with even more people making purchases. This is why you should always be purchasing POS paper in bulk.

For smaller businesses, you might be okay purchasing in packs of three or six. But larger retail stores should be buying in packs of fifty or ninety-six. And the larger the supply you purchase from Apple Forms, the greater the discount. Those who buy in larger stock can save up to 57% off the price. That's quite a deal! When you notice you're about halfway through your supply or just a little more, immediately place another order so you are never caught off guard. And remember to keep plenty of rolls up near register areas so your employees can quickly replace the paper.

Choose between thermal rolls, handheld thermal rolls, colored thermal rolls, ATM rolls, and self-contained. And when you're looking for pin feed paper and printed forms, let Apple Forms be your number one supplier.