One of the best ways to better serve your clientele is to offer opinion cards that customers can fill out and drop in a box anonymously. The best way to do this is to get some perforated paper that is printed with some sort of a standard form. On iot you can have boxes for people to rate your performance in several areas such as “customer service” and “selection of goods.” Below that section you can offer room for “Suggestions” and the option at the bottom to share some contact info like an email or a phone number.
These cards printed on perforated paper can then be placed next to a box with a slot and a pen or pencil to fill them out with. At the end of each day you and your employees can go through and make decisions about how you plan to move forward with the unencumbered feedback of your customers to help guide you.
Apple Forms can print these cards up for you on their customized perforated paper for a very reasonable price. These cards can be a great window into the mind and needs of your consumers and a great way to improve your business over all.