It’s Time to Use Non-Carbon Paper in Your Company


The use of non carbon paper is now very popular in the business world. More and more businesses are now discovering the great advantages that they get out of using this type of copy paper. Using non carbon paper is actually in a lot of ways more efficient and more cost effective compared to using the out-dated carbon sheets.

If you run a business that requires you to write down orders and requests from your customers and you are still using carbon paper, then you probably know how hard it gets most especially when it gets really busy. You also can’t deny the fact that the carbon can cause a bit of a mess and might even stain not only your clothing but some of the equipments in your office too.

So it’s time for you to start using non carbon paper for the forms that you use in your business. But before you buy your first ream of carbonless paper, you first need to know some really important information about it.

Here are things that you need to know.

-          You can choose from 2 part paper up to 5 part paper. It would be best to know how many parts you need to use for your business to avoid ordering on that either lacks or exceeds a page.

-          If you are planning to print the paper in your office, it would help to know that you can choose between a carbonless paper that is perfect for laser printers and also the ones that are for inkjet printers.

-          You can choose from different sizes depending on what you need.  Currently the available choices that you have are letter size (8-1/2 x 11), legal size (8-1/2 x 14), and ledger size (11x17).

-          You can either get the Straight or Reverse carbon less paper depending on what kind of printer you need are going to use to print on them.  It would actually help to read on the specifics on your printer about printing on carbon paper in order to know which variety you should go with.

If what you need is just a regular invoice forms, then you should check out a 2 part paper.  The other specifications of the carbonless paper that you are going to order just depends on the printer that you have available in your office and as well as your other requirements.