UPC Price Labels: Essential Tool for Store Owners


The Universal Product Code (UPC) label is a graphic element which we can see in virtually every product that is being offered in the market right now. The truth is this means of identifying products is just used recently by manufacturers, and the first one to implement it is Wrigley’s gum back in 1974. And from then on, every company has already started using labels that has barcodes made up of black lines and white spaces for easy identification of their products wherever it is in the production and sales cycle.


When you look at it on an actual product, a Universal Product Code on the label might not mean that much, however, that small code that you see there have actually made some really major positive impact on the shopping industry, retailing and almost every type of industry which they are being used.


But as time went by, the UPC price labels have gone through a lot of enhancements to its features thus increasing its functions. Due to specialized computer programs, these codes now contain more information that would aid in easy identification of the products in different areas. The awesome thing about these new advancements is that they were applied without changing anything on the original appearance of the UPC codes. So these labels have still retained their small size regardless as their importance in the whole scheme of creating and selling products have become more vital.


If you are in the process of setting up your own shopping or retail store, you are actually required to make use of this type of label. Getting this type of label for your own business is considered to be very important which is why it is extremely important for you to equip yourself with a lot of information about these products before you start  shopping for them.


Here are the important things that you should know.


Almost every established commercial printer can print these labels for you. You can also actually do it on your own if you have the right tools, however, getting it printed by professionals is the best option that you have since they can do the job expertly thus ensuring that you will use high quality labels


It would be best if you figure out every aspect of the labels that you need before you go to a printer. You can actually also get the help of the printer in creating the perfect label for your business.


The best place to find the best deals right now for this type of product is the internet. The internet is actually now known as the best place to find the cheapest deals in the market, including printing services on some forms and labels which are used by businesses.


Always make a quick research about companies that provide this type of material and service by asking other business people and also by reading some reviews and forums online. 


 Never forget to compare the prices of the companies that you like. This will help you make sure that you will get the most affordable deals in the market.   



 The most popular type of blank label that is used for creating UPC price labels is integrated labels, specifically the Integrated Label Form, 1 Label 3-1/2” x 2 on Right. This type of label is actually perfect for the purpose and this is the reason why you should really make sure that you check it out first before the other options that you have in the market.