Protect your product with wafer seal labels

when you send out a booklet or brochure then wafer seals is a very helpful products,
If these sealing products are not used then your materials may not reach the intended recipient in good shape. The wafer seals will seal the pages closed and expedite the mailing process, while preventing damage to individual pages,
the Translucent wafer seal label is a special material what is easy to open when is arrived so the paper will not be ripped of.

wafer seal labels is also being used to close small boxes like
phone accessories etc.     the Clear wafer seal label is special designed to keep the of
the product you will not see that is sticker on the box.

you can click here for our selection of  wafer seal labels , this come in 1", 1.5", 2" 
 There are many label manufacturers selling of wafer seals, but you will not find the same quality seal from other suppliers. Our Wafer Seals is designed to comply with USPS Tabbing Requirements! 
Our primary goals are to provide customers with consistent quality labels in a manner that will satisfy any of your production needs. Every job shipped will have our guarantee to assure you of super quality, quick turnaround and accurate, better than competitive pricing. We pride ourselves in offering personalized service to each of our customers, and would like to assist you with any future label needs.