New Postal Regulations about Wafer Seal Labels

The US Postal Service now requires that all wafer seal tabs used to seal booklets should not have any perforations. in general, all booklets need 3 tabs of 1-1/2" to close from all sides (1 per side). For larger or very heavy booklets, the USPS recommends 2" wafer seals. Booklets that do not comply with the new standards will not be eligible for machinable or automation letter prices. they will pay regular retail postage but the stuff will be delivered. the rules does not effect persinal users paying standard postage.

We at are making sure that our tabs are made in according to the new requirements, our Clear 1.5" Round Mailing Wafer Seals are made from a special strong marital its ideal to mail out letter self mailers, smaller booklets and to seal small cosmetics boxes etc.

All of our seals and tabs are made on a 3" core so it can be applied by hand or by any standard machine, if you run very large quantities we recommend to take the bigger rolls, this will save you time and money. 

our Frosted Translucent Mailing Wafer Seals are being used to seal the same items as the Clear Wafer Seal for the same and mailing tabs but are less expensive, they are not as transparent as clear wafer tab but, they are less noticeable as a white or color paper seal when applied to most substrates. Our translucent paper products are available in all sizes on a 3" core.