what is NCR paper?

NCR means "Non Carbon Required" if you remember years ago, a multi copy form came with regular paper with some black or blue carbon sheets between each part, the carbon sheets had made the image able to go true for the next part, Carbon-less paper, commonly known as NCR paper, was first produced by the NCR Corporation. The invention of NCR paper made making multiples of hand-written and printed documents easy and clean.

The paper is commonly used for any kind of multi part form such bill of ladings, work orders, invoices, inventory sheets, order forms and any other document where more than one original is required. There is an array of colors available for the copy sheet, such as white, yellow, pink, green and blue. In most instances white is the top copy and subsequent colors are beneath dependent on the number of duplicated pages required. For example, two copies of document being made, the papers would have a white top sheet and one colored second sheet below, which would be called two-part or duplicate. For three copies, there would be a white top part and two colored parts below, called three-part or triplicate. Four copies would be called four-part or quadruplicate.

Carbonless NCR copy paper is usually supplied to the client pre collated in pads or books which are bound into sets using glue or staples.

Old style Carbon paper.
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