Drive Repeat Auto Business with Oil Change Stickers 

For small businesses, repeat customers can be the difference between success
and failure. These prized regulars require fewer of the costly discounts and
promotions needed to attract new customers. Many times, in fact, all they require
to keep coming back is a simple static cling label … better known as an oil
change sticker.

Many automotive businesses now use
oil change stickers as a low-cost, high-revenue reminder of upcoming oil changes,
lube jobs, maintenance visits and tune-ups. These transparent vinyl stickers apply easily
to windshields without obstructing driver visibility, and offer several key advantages:

• Labels stay affixed without adhesives
• Customers see them whenever they drive
• Stock or custom messages can be added at low cost
• Service dates or mileages are easily filled in with a permanent ink pen

                                                A Wide Range of Uses

Oil change stickers are frequently seen in auto businesses, because they are
well-suited for any glass surface or windshield. Typical applications include
parking permits, door/window decals, in-store electronics and appliance
promotions, or security systems for home or business. 

Because one side clings and one side doesn’t, there are two printing options:

Regular print allows the label to be read directly on the object
Mirrored print can be read from the other side of the object, such as a
security warning to intruders looking into a window

For greater visibility, labels can be spotted with a small white area offering a
backdrop for handwritten dates or mileage, or flooded with a full white

Like oil change stickers themselves, the advantages are clear. Try them today,
and keep your customers coming back!