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Crane Operator Shift Inspection Form, Item #7601

Crane Operator Shift Inspection Form, Item #7601


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Crane Inspection Checklist

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Paper Size: 5-1/2 x 8-1/2"
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Description about the product

Crane Inspection Form

Because of the serious injuries and fatalities caused by accidents involving cranes, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) adopted new standards in 2010 that include, among other things, a variety of inspection requirements for cranes. In general, the OSHA standards require cranes to be inspected at periodic intervals and whenever a change to the crane occurs. Additional inspection requirements apply to tower cranes and floating cranes.


Shift Inspection

OSHA regulations require all cranes to be inspected at 3 intervals: before each shift, monthly and annually. The shift inspection is a visual inspection that must be performed by a competent person -- defined by OSHA as someone capable of identifying hazardous conditions and taking corrective action. The regulations include 14 items that should be covered during the shift inspection, including control mechanisms, pressure lines, fluid levels, ground conditions and operator cab windows. The inspection does not require any documentation., this Crane Inspection Carbon-less form will make you able to keep records of all info needed, you can also make your changes to the form for No Extra Charge



Pricing Details

The Crane Inspection Form listed prices are effective in the following cases:

Printed as shown, including your company’s name and info

Printed as shown, including your company’s name and info, but with fields added or deleted

Printed to your specifications, as long as the form is printed in one color (black)

Placing An Order

>>> If you want the form as is:

1) Fill out the company info that should be printed on the form. Include your logo in the email if you want it on the form.

2) Select the # of parts you want to order, and indicate the quantity.

3) Click Add to Cart.


>>>If you want to modify the form

(at no extra charge):

1) Indicate which fields you want to add, change or delete by emailing us specific instructions.

2) OR – either print out our PDF form, mark (by pen) any changes you want, and fax us your corrected form at 718.305.4416, or scan and email your corrected form to


We will send you a PDF proof within 24 hours for your approval. Feel free to ask for changes if anything isn’t to your liking. Once you approve the form, your job will be shipped within 3 business days.


Customized Orders

Customization options:

º  Forms printed in more than one color
º  Add numbers
º  Plate Changes
º  Use a thicker paper for the last part of the form
º  Extra perforations
º  Place forms in books
º  And many more…


For these or other customized options, please email us for a price quote. If you already have an existing form that you want us to print, please email us your PDF file.





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